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Make your own video clips!
We have created a video clip visualizer application.
It is also an easy to handle VFX and a clip generator.
You need just some photos, few short video footage (we will provide some) and your favorite music.

Attached Files Image(s)

Start the application (click .exe).
Choose your image and/or video and audio file: it is in your - 1Media-Files! - folder which you have to place to C:\Users\????\Documents\ for faster access.
Press "U" to hide the interface.
Record or broadcast with an external application, like Xsplit Broadcaster (we will provide tutorials) or GeForce Experience.
We will provide many video fragments/footage, images, and music files in the close future. Just visit our site more often.

The quality of the clip strongly depends on the added videos, images and even audio!

Effects: 12 camera effects
F1: No effects (clean)
F2: Tunnel
F3: Old TV
F4: Rainbow
F5: Scanner
F6: Starlight
F7: B&W
F8: SlowMo
F9: Deep Sea
F10: Liquid
F11: Blue Sky
F12: Led Screen

2 Audio Visualizers (on/off)
Knob 1: Vu Meter
Knob 2: Strobe Flash

7 Particle Effects (on/off)
Knob 3: Sparks
Knob 4: Side Distortion (delayed few sec)
Knob 5: Fireflies
Knob 6: Big Distortion
Knob 7: Fireball (delayed 5-10 sec)
Knob 8: Fire
Knob 9: Herd

Esc: Exit game

File Extensions:
Images: .png and .jpg allowed
Video footage: .mp4 (Unity has some issues with some codecs, re-format the video file using Format Factory 3 (or something else). (older versions are better).
Audio: .wav

We will expand the effect and portfolio in the future, so stay tuned!

Please, visit our website for more knowledge.
We are providing many images and video footage to work with.

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