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In-game images & media

In-game images
Life Academy Christian community game (MMORPG) We have two different areas in the many worlds in Life Academy. The street (with buildings, squares, parks, places, shops, galleries, etc...) and the Space Ship comprise Life Academy, a Christian territory. The street (or town) is for everyone. Your presence will make a difference and your point of view on life will make the difference. You are prepared with gadgets and creative abilities: photo, painting, graphical art, video, movie, 3-D art, animation, dance, music... It needs to contain the message of salvation (us being the light) you will proclaim. The message has to reach the finish line, no matter what.

[Image: Flying-Object1-Academy-Christian-MMORPG-game.jpg]

[Image: City-View-Life-Academy-Christian-Games.jpg]

[Image: 7Life_Academy_Space_Station_7.jpg]

[Image: Life-Academy-Sanctuary-christian-mmo-games4.jpg]

[Image: Life-Academy1.0-SpaceShip-Christian-MMORPG-game.jpg]

Love Dance City.

Diamond Jewellery

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