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Psalm 98:11

Message of the Cross

Game cards


All-Comsuming Fire

Game Cards

2Corinthians 11:2

Pre-release soon (end february 2020)!

Jesus in the Matrix
so that everyone can breathe freely

 The game highlights the essence of redemption, the importance of crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. It shows who we were before and who we are after redemption and also that God exalted the name of Jesus above every name.
During the game, you can become a little evangelist in your area if you are already a Christian.
As a non-believer, you will discover things that have been hidden before you.
And the game cards can be arrows in your hand, if you give them away, they can turn people's hearts to God because God's word is alive and efficient. It penetrates into the lives of men and crushes the fetters of the lies (of the Matrix***) so that anyone who has understood and accepted Jesus' sacrifice can freely see and breathe.
*** you can email it or give away the printed versions.
**** The Matrix is ​​the damned world where people are spiritually dead and have no relationship with God. The lied worldview in front of their eyes prevents them from seeing the truth.


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