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Christian Games Online (C+Games) proudly offers you excellent computer games including RPG, MMORPG, Shooter Games, Children Games, Community Games, Posters, Christian 3D art, Video Clips, VFX (Visual Effects), Screen Savers, Game Cards, and more.


Jesus in the Matrix (RPG)

The story begins with an unexpected event, with the death of the hero (Jesus), but who will soon be resurrected. This will make him authentic, presenting something that no one has been able to do before. At the time of death, such overwhelming events took place that we have frozen the Matrix in this first scene to take a closer look at the details. So now is the time to show the essence of our Christianity: the ability to reveal God's message to the world. 


It is not just a game, but it is a new way to support and distribute Christian art, by activating our talents.

Christian MMORPG Game v1.1 (free to download)
It is a crossing between an MMO-RPG game and a virtual community.


RPG (role-playing) game!   
Christian PC game SHADOW of DEATH
The game is free to download
Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because you are with me.  Psalms 23:4

(Windows, Linux, Mac & Online by Unity WebGL)!

The game is free to download

How to play "BLACK DESERT ONLINE" as a Christian? 

Christian 3D Art (look at the "3D Art Design" menu)

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Christian Games Online (C+Games) proudly offers you excellent computer games including MMO, shooters, role-playing (RPG), and children’s games. We also have visual effects systems for movies and video games, PC desktop mascots, and 3-D art design! You may extend your interest in this business by accessing them via Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Wordpress.
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The first 100 registrants (at the forum) get a free share ($10)  after they make their first comments.

Attention! Christians have banished all of our games (also Life Academy) from Wikipedia (List of Christian video games). There is a spirituality in the world right now that does not allow others to think differently as they do, and this is unfortunately also evident within Christianity. Let’s not be a part of this flow. Only Jesus is important and what He has entrusted to us (proclaim the message of salvation to everyone).

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