Defenders of Faith 2.0: Lies Shooter 
Shooter game (Windows, Mac, Linux and Online).
You have to clear the platform from the lies-boxes.
There are many options (14 buttons, endless possibility) to change the atmosphere from a nice view to a total war-zone.
Different camera positions added, there is a slow-motion button too. 
The online version  is without archer girl and horseman, they are too heavy for  online play (WebGL). 

Youtube link:   

Download Links for PC 32, 64bit, 220MB

Play the game Online! (LE - Limited Edition - Unity WebGL)
It is the Defenders of Faith 2.0 LE (limited edition) version.
Without the archer girls and the horseman (Unity WebGL playable from your browser)

Please, give us some feedback if something not working right.

We need your financial support to develop the DEFENDERS OF FAITH game further.
We are thinking about adding some strategical elements to the game (self-propellered fighting actors - NPC's and enemies)

It is very important to bring the message in (artistic) languages people can understand.
We are accepting donations via Pay Pal. Monthly donators will be listed as partners. Sponsors are also welcome.
There are about 1 billion people playing games in the world. There are 7 billion mobile phones in the use worldwide (see wiki) and 2 billion PC-s!
The most functional platform today to illustrate the meaning of salvation.


Reset knob (top left): You can reset the game anytime
Slow motion knob (top left second): Slow motion without frame rate dropping.
Camera switch (top left third): switch between the moving main camera, front and back view
Volume slider(bottom left): Control audio volume from 100 to zero.
Exit game (top right): Close the game


The 14 atmosphere knobs having a visual function.
You can create different atmospheres by mixing them together.
Not every computer can handle this kind of overload. Depends on your video card.
If your frame rate drops drastically, stop adding more atmosphere.

1  - Holy Presence
2  - Fire Rain
3  - Heavenly Touch
4  - Glory
5  - Quick Fire
6  - Holy Atmos
7  - Consuming Fire
8  - Cleansing Fire
9  - Cleansing Water
10 - Blood Rain
11 - Rapture
12 - Holy Ghost
13 - Hungry Souls
14 - Holy Blessing

You can mix as many atmospheres as you want, depending on your video card capacity.
Your framerate will drop by too much overload. 
Atmosphere buttons having their own characteristic (audio triggers by click on the button).

The "Defenders of Faith 2" is the second part of the game sequence (the first part is an L.E. online version of the game - coming soon!).
The Defenders 2 is based on the Bible verse:
He (God) has made My mouth like a sharp sword. He has hidden Me in the shadow of His hand. He has made Me a shining arrow, keeping Me in His secret place. Isaiah 49:2
He Made us a shining arrow, ready for use (be alert). We have to protect our faith in Christ against every attack at all price.
Lies are the greatest attacks on our faith. So we start the journey with the truth.
... I don’t use human plans and methods to win my battles. I use God’s mighty weapons, not those made by men, to knock down the devil’s strongholds. 2 Cor. 10:3,4


















Thanks for your support! 
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