Make your own video clips!
We have created a video clip visualizer application.
It is also an easy-to-handle VFX and a clip generator.
You need just some photos, a few short video footage (we will provide some), and your favorite music.
Tutorial video soon.

Follow the link: 

Clip made with FAITH VISUALIZER 1.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 


Effects: 12 camera effects
F1: No effects (clean)
F2: Tunnel
F3: Old TV
F4: Rainbow
F5: Scanner
F6: Starlight
F7: B&W
F8: SlowMo
F9: Deep Sea
F10: Liquid
F11: Blue Sky
F12: Led Screen

2 Audio Visualizers (on/off)
Knob 1: Vu Meter
Knob 2: Strobe Flash

7 Particle Effects (on/off)
Knob 3: Sparks 
Knob 4: Side Distortion  (delayed few sec)
Knob 5: Fireflies
Knob 6: Big Distortion
Knob 7: Fireball  (delayed 5-10 sec)
Knob 8: Fire
Knob 9: Herd (delayed randomly)


Write us for details.

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