Game cards (in-game quest items)

(also available in full color printed version. See our shop)
At the moment we have 32 game-cards inside the game (will be 64 in the next updates)










There are now 32 game cards (appearing as city-light boxes) inside the game, you have to find these, give the right answers to the question, and the message should be visible to everyone. How more city-light boxes light up, how more people turning back from the way of damnation.
One feature of the game is that it prepares you to do the work of a little evangelist. You can achieve this by getting the playing cards printed out for yourself and giving them to friends or even strangers on the street, in school, at work, or in the clubs. This will help us as well, you will be better prepared for the mission, and non-believers may turn to God by reading the real message of salvation.

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